Score One For the Fat Guy

I knew the hike to Gardisky Lake was tough.  I first heard about the lake about 18 years ago.  A friend and I met a guy while fishing the Eastern Sierras and he told us about a good lake to fish called Gardisky.  He then warned us it was a really steep hike.  I have heard the same warning ever since.  The lake was good fishing, the hike short, but tough.  Well, they were right.

False White Mountain

Looking Back towards False White Mountain, 3/4 of the way up the trail to Gardisky Lake.

Henry starts football practice Thursday and we are busy the rest of this week, so Monday was the day.  I considered the June Lake Loop, but then Gardisky caught my eye while leafing through “Eastern Sierra Fishing Guide for Day Hikers”.  I knew it would be tough, but why not? Continue reading

Bridgeport Area – July 8, 2010

I originally had grand plans of trekking two plus hours north with my sons to Davis Lake for the damsel hatch, but found out one had grown out of his waders.  A trip to Reno to buy new ones made it so I didn’t want to go that way again so soon.  I had heard Virgina Lakes was doing well, and with all the options in that drainage, I decided we would make the hour drive there.  That is until I found out, as I was packing the night before, that I had misplaced my fins.  A thorough search of the garage failed to turn them up.  I can almost see them lying on the shore of some lake looking all sad and forlorn as I drove away without them.

Great view of the Bridgeport area from Buckeye Creek Road

So stream fishing it was.  As I had little time to plan, I figured we would play it by ear and do a little scouting.  I headed south towards Bridgeport.  Continue reading


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