2013 Top Ten List

Blue Lake

My obligitory shot of the pass up behind Blue Lake.

I used to do this every year and every year I failed to fish all the waters on my Top Ten list.  It’s not really a top ten list but more a the ten places I’d like to fish.  The reasons always vary.  For some I’ve never been but want to go.  Others are old favorites I haven’t visited in a while.  Whatever the reason, I’m compelled to fish these waters and they go on the list.  I haven’t done this in a few years, but I decided to go ahead and make up a list this year.  Motivation to get out there and inspiration when I’m not sure where to go.  Note that many waters I will probably fish anyway, say the East Walker, are not on the list.  Those are givens.  Here it is in alphabetical order:

  • Cooney and Frog Lakes – A short day hike that will test my back.  These are above Virginia and Blue Lakes which I fish often.
  • Crowley Lake – Never really fished this lake but plan to this year.  Probably in the fall when the temps cool down.
  • Dana Fork of the Tuolumne – Just inside the Tioga Pass entrance, my kind of water.  Meadow stream with dumb but pretty fish. Continue reading

The Further Adventures of the Noobie

Blue Lake

My obligatory shot of the pass up behind Blue Lake.

You might remember that last year I took my friend and former co-worker, John L’Etoile, to the East Walker where he not only fly fished for the first time, but caught his first fish ever!  At the end of that post I had said it was now John’s turn to teach me how to surf.  Well, that didn’t work out.  He injured his shoulder and just wasn’t sure he could deal with the surf board.  So, we went fishing.

This time I introduced him to float tubing.  I’ve found that many people are hooked more by the tubing that the fishing Continue reading

Virginia Lakes – July 22, 2010

Well, another short entry.  Why?  Well, because we got skunked and skunked hard.  Maybe it was all the bad things I said about fellow Virginia Lakers last week. I doubt it.  We didn’t see another fly fisher catch anything either.  There weren’t as many fisherman this week, so maybe that place is having a case of the summer doldrums.  Who knows?

Henry out on Virginia Lake.

Owen intensely fishing a nymph.

Anyway, my sons, Henry and Owen, and I arrived about 7:45 am and were fishing by 8:00 Continue reading

Virginia Lakes – July 15, 2010

I had planned to go fishing this week for quite a while.  Jen and the boys are up at Lake Tahoe at 4H camp and I am playing bachelor.  I figured I would take advantage and go fishing, which I did.  Twice actually.  I originally planned on an all day outing, but it didn’t turn out that way.  I got up early and drove the hour or so up to Virginia Lakes.  There is a lot of good fishing in that chain of lakes.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people too.

First cast!

I arrived at about 7:45 am and after checking out Little Virginia Lake ($5.00 launching fee and I didn’t bother asking if a float tube was a “water craft”) I ended up at Virginia Lake (I don’t think it’s officially called Big Virginia, but who knows – or cares?).  The lake was glass and some fish were rising.  One boat, a couple of tubers and a handful of shore fishermen were all that were there.  I glided out just off shore, cast and BAM!  First cast I had a beautiful brookie of about 11 inches. Continue reading

Flashback – August 11, 2001

As I was digging through my old pictures, I had a thought.  Why not write up trip reports from the past. Even though the trips were a while ago, they can still provide some good information and good reading.  The first is a day hike trip I made back in 2001 to Blue Lake, above Virginia Lakes, and then to McLeod, above Mammoth.  Yep, two drainage in one day.  And back when I was fatter and more out of shape than I am now!

Anyway, I bought a little book (literately, its very small) about day hikes in the Eastern Sierras.  It is called Eastern Sierra Fishing Guide for Day Hikers, oddly enough.  Anyway, this got me thinking about doing a little day hiking.  I choose Blue Lake to start because its only about 20 minutes from the trailhead.  It is a picturesque little lake full of small brook and rainbow trout and has a series of shallow ponds out the outlet.

Looking northwest towards Virginia Pass and the Hoover Wilderness

Looking northwest towards Virginia Pass and the Hoover Wilderness.

Continue reading


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