Happy New Year!!

Well, it’s a new year and that means a new $105 California fishing license.  Nevada’s doesn’t expire until the end of February.  While I planned on being out on the water a little more these last couple of months, life intervened.  Oh well, if you’re gonna be stuck not fishing, this is probably the time of year to do it, or not do it as the case may be.

Last year, was a good year of fishing for me.  I didn’t really get out until July, the month I retired, but I managed to get out pretty often and I had some success.  My biggest fish was 15 inches.  Not big, I know, but considering where I was fishing, not bad either.  My posts show that I went out 15 times last year, including two multi-day trips.  One was to Lamoille Canyon, the other to the Upper Sac.

This year I want to get out a lot more.  Pyramid and Hinkson Slough, when it opens in February, will fill out the winter and early spring and I will fish the East Walker in the spring, before the flows go up for the summer.  This year I will try and visit some new waters and do some day hiking in the Sierras.  I have a couple of ideas for longer trips, which I will begin planning in earnest, and i will try and squeeze another trip in with my boys this summer, but they are so busy with other stuff that it might be though.

Anyway, I hope you have a good 2011.

Upper Sac – September 20-21, 2010

A trip months in the making.  I had been planning this trip since before a I retired in July.  The Upper Sac is a legendary river where Ted Fay perfected his craft.  Dunsmuir is a neat little trout town.  I had always wanted to go.  I decided on September thinking the flows and fishing would be ideal.  I made reservations at the Dunsmuir Lodge and on Monday, September 20th, I set out.

Mt. Shasta from Highway 89. Yes, I took the picture while driving, sue me.

I planned on taking my time driving to Dunsmuir Continue reading


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