2013 Fishing Season has Officially Begun

The Yellow-Headed Blackbird.  World's most annoying bird!

The Yellow-Headed Blackbird. World’s most annoying bird!

Yes, hard to believe, but I finally got my butt out of the house and put it in some water.  Notice the word “fishing” was conspicuously absent from that sentence.  Oh, I whipped some water and drowned some flies but fishing usually involves some participation on the fishes’ part.  That did not occur today in any shape, form or fashion.  But I did get to put the new Dave Scadden Outlaw Escape through it’s paces (except I forgot the oars) and also tested my new vestless fishing rig (is vestless a word?)

Finally, things are back to normal here at the homestead.  I’m done fiddling with my back and though it’s not fixed, it is manageable.  My wife,Jen, is also feeling much better. Continue reading

Hinkson Wins Again

As promised, I went back to Hinkson Slough to get even for the skunk I was handed last week.  Well, Hinkson had other plans.  I got skunked again, but without any of the grabs and strikes I was getting last time.  I think I might have seen my indicator move ever so slightly sideways…maybe.

Other than that I saw only a handful of rises.  There was a constant breeze and chop on the water, but last week the lights winds were gusting.  Other than that there was little difference in the days, time or techniques.  I guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching.

What the heck are you looking at?

So, since I do not have any pictures of large, angry trout or tales of heroic battles, you get a bunch of wildlife photos.  The first one, above, is of a three and a half foot snake Continue reading

Virginia Lakes – July 22, 2010

Well, another short entry.  Why?  Well, because we got skunked and skunked hard.  Maybe it was all the bad things I said about fellow Virginia Lakers last week. I doubt it.  We didn’t see another fly fisher catch anything either.  There weren’t as many fisherman this week, so maybe that place is having a case of the summer doldrums.  Who knows?

Henry out on Virginia Lake.

Owen intensely fishing a nymph.

Anyway, my sons, Henry and Owen, and I arrived about 7:45 am and were fishing by 8:00 Continue reading


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