Spring on Highway 88

Summer finally showed up around these parts a little over a month ago.  Since then it’s been warm and sunny and life is good.  Up in the mountain, however, summer isn’t quite here yet.  Of all the years I decide I want to concentrate on day hiking, we get one of the wettest years ever.  At 7000 feet and above, it’s still spring.


The Jeep parked on the road to Woods Lake.

Today was kind of a shakedown trip.  I haven’t been fishing a lot Continue reading

Virginia Lakes – July 22, 2010

Well, another short entry.  Why?  Well, because we got skunked and skunked hard.  Maybe it was all the bad things I said about fellow Virginia Lakers last week. I doubt it.  We didn’t see another fly fisher catch anything either.  There weren’t as many fisherman this week, so maybe that place is having a case of the summer doldrums.  Who knows?

Henry out on Virginia Lake.

Owen intensely fishing a nymph.

Anyway, my sons, Henry and Owen, and I arrived about 7:45 am and were fishing by 8:00 Continue reading


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