The New Year

Dan at the Gardisky Trail

Leaning on the Hoover Wilderness Sign.

As some of my readers might know, I had a pretty crappy 2011.  My father-in-law took ill at the end of 2010 and he passed away in March of 2011.  He lived in Oregon and we had to make 8 trips up there to take care of his estate.  That was a serious drain on us fiscally, physically and mentally.  We are still dealing with probate, but it’s almost finished.

I started out the year with every intention of fishing my ass off.  It just didn’t happen.  I just felt like sitting at home and vegging.  But 2012 is a new year and we have a new outlook.  I’m not going to promise anything, but I expect fishing to take a more prominent role in my life.  There are places I want to go and see.  There are new places I want to fish.  There are old places I want to get back too.

Pyramid is first up.  I’m waiting for some weather to stir things up and that should show up next week, finally.  I hope we get a lot more.  This spring I also want to head south and fish the southern Sierra’s and if I can get my back and ankle fixed, do a lot more day hiking.  I can walk, exercise, hike and stand in a river, but after a little while, it hurts.  Day to day I’m fine, but ask me to stand in a river or on a ladder at Pyramid for more than an hour, or walk around Disneyland like I did last week, and I can’t do it.

I should be out fishing within a couple of weeks and I hope that will continue the throughout 2012.  If I get my back fixed, I should be able to fish harder and more often.  In any case, I haven’t dropped of the face of the earth.  It’s winter, but fishing is just around the corner.  Have a great 2012!

Cutthroats and High School Basketball

I have been hanging around the house, as opposed to going fishing.  First, it’s winter.  Second, I was on a restrictive diet and it was hard to eat when traveling (lost 20 lbs by the way!).  Third, I have been taking care of my father in law’s affairs after we had to move him into assisted living.  I kind of needed an excuse to get off my ass and get out there and my son, Henry, had a basketball game at Pyramid Lake High School.  Perfect!

My ladder, rod and net.

I got the the lake about 10:30 and went straight to one of my favorite spots, Wino Beach. Continue reading

Happy New Year!!

Well, it’s a new year and that means a new $105 California fishing license.  Nevada’s doesn’t expire until the end of February.  While I planned on being out on the water a little more these last couple of months, life intervened.  Oh well, if you’re gonna be stuck not fishing, this is probably the time of year to do it, or not do it as the case may be.

Last year, was a good year of fishing for me.  I didn’t really get out until July, the month I retired, but I managed to get out pretty often and I had some success.  My biggest fish was 15 inches.  Not big, I know, but considering where I was fishing, not bad either.  My posts show that I went out 15 times last year, including two multi-day trips.  One was to Lamoille Canyon, the other to the Upper Sac.

This year I want to get out a lot more.  Pyramid and Hinkson Slough, when it opens in February, will fill out the winter and early spring and I will fish the East Walker in the spring, before the flows go up for the summer.  This year I will try and visit some new waters and do some day hiking in the Sierras.  I have a couple of ideas for longer trips, which I will begin planning in earnest, and i will try and squeeze another trip in with my boys this summer, but they are so busy with other stuff that it might be though.

Anyway, I hope you have a good 2011.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, its been a while since I posted or fished.  Kids are playing basketball and the weather has been crappy.  I hope to get out to the East Walker one more time if we get a few warmer days.  If not, I will probably head to Pyramid Lake.  Some people think that standing on a ladder casting is boring, but it’s kind of Zen.  Focuses your mind and put you at peace.

Anyway, thanks to those of you that have recently subscribed.  If you haven’t yet you can elect to either subscribe via RSS up above, get an e-mail when I post by clicking the link below and to the right or you can become a fan or friend on Facebook.  Also, if you like the blog, hit the like button above.  Ah, the wonders of modern technology!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving.  Time to be thankful for all of our blessings and all the fish we caught, especially the big ones.  Take care!

Mmmmmmm, grilled turkey.

The Pyramid Ladder

One of the quirks of fishing for the world famous Lahontan cutthroats at Pyramid Lake is the ladder.  Why the heck do you use a ladder, you might ask?  Well, Pyramid has a series of drop offs, usually easily seen from shore as a distinct change in the tint of the water from greenish-brown to deep blue.  Most of the year, the trout hang out near this drop off, ambushing food in the shallow water then returning to the relative safety of the depths. Now Pyramid is cold most of the fishing season and standing in chest high water to be able to reach the drop offs with your cast, especially when fly fishing, sucks.  So you get a ladder and get out of the water, at least mostly out of the water anyway.  This has a two fold effect for fly fishers.  Not only do you stay warmer and dryer, but you can more easily keep you back-casts out of the water.

My Pyramid Ladder Setup

Continue reading

Pyramid Lake – January 15, 2010

As promised, I fished Pyramid lake on January 15th.  I took my youngest son, Owen, his first trip to Pyramid!  My oldest son, Hank, went skiing.  Whatever!  Anyway, Owen had a little bit of beginners luck.  We fished from about 11:00 am to about 3:00 pm.  We started at Wino, one of my favorite beaches.  I was using the fly rod, Owen was throwing metal.

Owen Waiting for the Big One!

We fished Wino until about 1:00 pm and then decided to leave.  Neither of us got so much as a bump and we didn’t see the any of the other fishermen nearby get anything either.  This wasn’t a good sign.

Anaho Island from Wino Beach

We headed north and almost stopped at a few beaches, but then I decided to see what the Nets looked like.  I usually avoid the Nets because of the crowds, but the south Nets wasn’t bad.  We parked, grabbed some lunch and hit the water, ladders in tow.  While eating we hadn’t seen any of the other fishermen hook any fish, but it was only about 20 minutes.  Still, I wasn’t expecting much.  We set up and on the third or forth cast Owen hooked into a fish right in front of his ladder.  I rushed over with the net and scooper her up.

Owen and First Pyramid Cutthroat

...and the Money Shot!

Pretty sure it was a hen and she looked to be filling with eggs.  Or maybe just had a big meal.  Either way she was about 20 inches.  Owen got it on a big chartreuse Daredevil with orange spots.  Not bad for a beginner!  As it turned out that was the only fish of the day.  We didn’t see any of our new neighbors at the Nets catch anything either.  When Owen broke off his second lure on something out in the deep, we decided to hit the road.  All in all, not a bad trip despite the lack of action.  Owen got his first Cutthroat and his biggest fish ever!  I still have only caught one fish each trip since December 2008, even if I didn’t hook it myself.  Paying my dues, I guess.

Our Neighbors at the Nets

The Famous Pyramid

Weekend Plans

Because I work for the State of Nevada, I get to take one furlough a month, or a day without pay to those not fluent in human resources speak. Anyway, I am taking the furlough this Friday and I also get the MLK holiday on Monday. By my calcs, that’s a four day weekend. So, I am going to go fishing.

Friday is Pyramid. I have a streak going back to December 2008 of not getting skunked, but not catching more than one Lahontan cutthroat trout either. On the bright side they have all been decent fish, maybe 18 to 22 inches. I hope to break that streak…and not get skunked.  Since I’m looking for numbers, it sounds like the south end is the ticket as the north end is slower, but giving up the bigger fish.

Monday I want to go to Topaz and take the boys. That means I need to get all the remaining snow and ice out of the boat and makes sure the motor fires without having to clean the carb. If it doesn’t fire and I don’t have the energy to clean the carb, the we will float tube.  Well, the boys will float tube.  I will sit high and dry in the pontoon.  Ahh… the joys of having an income.  The fish are in shallow according the reports, so we shouldn’t have to get out too far.  I may try fly rodding it, but I will have the spinning rod for back up.

Expect the first new reports on the blog this weekend or early next week.  If I remember to bring the camera, you might get some pictures too.


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