Home Office Fever

I was feeling a little shut in, a little restless.  So I took a drive to Yerington to gas up the Jeep (worth the 20 minute trip to save over a buck a gallon plus I got lunch at Maverick ;))  Anyhow, on the way back I took a detour and drove up to the old mining settlement and current ghost town of Pine Grove.  It’s not Bodie but it’s still pretty cool.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.  No commentary today.

Update:  What I’ve labeled a headframe is in fact a stamp mill.  It was used to pound material rather than crush it.  The camshaft up top is what drives the shafts that pounded ore.  Those are missing, probably easy to cart off and so stolen long ago.


An old headframe. The shaft is caved in but it’s in great shape.

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Some Posting Adjustments

I’ve done a little thinking and I’ve made a few decisions about posting formats and such going forward.  Nothing major.  You’ll still see reports when I go fishing, including pictures, and occasionally other fishing repeated posts.  The changes are more in the format of the posts.

Last year I stopped using the waters name and date I fished that water as the posting title, opting for more creative titles.  That will continue, but I will no longer list the names of certain waters in the text either.  I used to feel that most waters had some much available information available on the internet that my contribution would be a drop in the bucket.

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Some New Links and the Shingles

As I sit here over the Memorial Day weekend, not fishing but suffering from shingles, I have found a few new sites of interest to Nevada and Eastern Sierra fly fishermen.  They are High Noon Trout, Wanders with Trout and The High Sierra Fly Fisherman.  I also added The Trout Underground last week.  Not all of these are professional quality, but who cares.  Lots of fishing stories and pictures, what more could you want?

Oh, what are shingles you ask?  Well, Shingles (herpes zoster) is a painful, blistering skin rash due to the varicella-zoster virus, the virus that causes chickenpox.  What fun!  I went to the doctor early on and they gave me Valtrex, an anti-viral drug that helps keep it in check.  I have a few areas of the rash on my head, tongue and lips.  It is quite painful, especially my teeth.  It is getting better.  Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, cause I’m not.


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