Housekeeping and an Update on my Back

Sitting at the computer passing time and trying to avoid Superbowl pre-game droning, I decided to finally make this announcement.  From this point forward, all blogging will be done here on Fly Fish Nevada.  If I publish a book, it will be here.  If I feel like musing on retirement, it will be here.  If I want to complain about the government, here it will go – I am retired after all ;)  I’m running out of things to say on my other blogs so in addition to fishing trips posts, of which I hope to have many more of this year, you will get some other stuff from time to time.  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it. :)

So, on the back, I’ve graduated from the water therapy to land therapy.  The water therapy was pretty easy.  It’s meant for people with injuries or post surgery.  I was neither and so it wasn’t too tough. However, it helped a lot and my back pain is manageable.  Land therapy is harder but that’s good.  I’m riding my bike when the weather permits and walking too.  Between the exercises, my bike and walking, I’ve lost a little weight and my core, whatever that is, is stronger.  Good news all around.  So glad I didn’t have surgery!

Fishing season around these parts starts soon.  Next Saturday, Feb 9, is the opening of Hinkson Slough.  I’ll miss the opener due to the boys last basketball games of the year, but that’s not a bad thing.  The opener is often crowded and cold.  Afterwards, however, it gets less crowded and more comfortable and the fishing is usually better.  Look for reports starting soon along with all kinds of other wisdom  on my part.  And don’t forget to comment.  Comments keep things fresh and give me ideas.  Blogging is not a spectator sport.

Oh yeah, go Niners!!!

Back Update

I’ve been to my doctor and we went with the anti-inflammatory/physical therapy strategy.  I’ve been on Naproxen for almost a month and going to physical therapy.  I’ve got a bunch of stretches and exercises and I’ve been doing them religiously.  I also got a lift for my left foot.  My hips are wonky and my right legs is about half an inch longer than the left as a result.  It has helped a lot.  I seem to be able to stand for longer periods and the pain is less when I go walking.  I expect to be doing this for a while longer since I am seeing some improvement.

However, standing is still painful after a while and some days its still as bad as it was prior.  I’m kind of waiting for the lakes to open up so I can go float tubing.  I can sit all day long with no pain.  I’m also probably going to Disneyland with the family in June.  That will be the big test.  With another 6 weeks of therapy, I’m hoping my pain is manageable.  If not, who knows?  Good news is this year the snow pack is pretty light, but most of the lakes were full from last years heavy snow pack.  High elevation lakes should be opening up early this year.

Stand by!


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