Bundy Stand Off and Beyond

I’m getting political.  This is my blog so I get to write about whatever I want :P  Anyway, I’ve got to comment on the Bundy Ranch standoff, I mean it was in Nevada after all.  But that’s not all I want to say.  Look, Bundy is wrong.  We are a country of laws, even if you don’t like those laws.  He has lost in court and should pull his cattle off of Federal land and pay his grazing fees.  End of story.

However, there’s always an however, he might be right on the larger issue.  What gives the Feds the authority to push citizens around like they do?  Can they just bully people around in the name of some supposedly threatened species (and for the record, the desert tortoises are like rats in Washington D.C., they are everywhere).  I submit they can but they shouldn’t.  We have this thing called the Constitution and I’m having a hard time finding the part where the Federal Government gets to take stuff from citizens without due process and compensation.  In other words, they just can’t declare land off limits arbitrarily and force ranchers, for instance, out of business without paying them…but they do it all the time.

But beyond that, where do they get off sending a virtual army (and what else would you call agents of the BLM dressed in fatigues and body armor carrying automatic rifles?) to confront citizens over cattle and grazing fees. Continue reading

East Walker River – One More Time

Beautiful stretch of water just downstream of the Elbow.

Beautiful stretch of water just downstream of the Elbow.

I had so much fun last week down on the Elbow I did it again.  This time, however, I fished downstream of the Elbow and though I never found any water as productive as my honey hole, I did find some good fishing.  I also “camped” again and this time, I got some usable footage that become a YouTube video I will debut next week.  All in all, I had a good day and there aren’t too many left before the river starts to ice up and shut down for all intents and purposes until spring.

First fish of the day.

First fish of the day.

So, like last week I left home about 12:30 pm and got to the spot I wanted to fish a little after one o’clock.  It was warm but there was that chill in the air you get this time of year.  I donned my gear and hit the river, first hiking a bit down stream to some good-looking water.  I hooked my first fish of the day on a nymph and I spend the rest of the afternoon finding trout where you’d expect them, all rainbows this time around, with a light but steady breeze at my back that chilled me as the sun got low in the sky.

Nice panorama of the crag behind my "camp."

Nice panorama of the crag behind my “camp.”

I switched to a dry early on when I spotted some fish rising and stuck with it until the end.  In some riffles, trout were rising pretty aggressively but taking emergers, I suspect, as often as dries.  In other spots, mostly the flatter water, the fish rose more sporadically.  I bet a nymph would have done well too but sometimes dries are just too much fun.  Most of the rainbows were between eight and ten inches but a few went up to maybe eleven or even twelves inches.

A spooky fishing trail.  It was Halloween after all.

A spooky fishing trail. It was Halloween after all.

About 4:30 I was getting hungry and my back was getting sore so I packed it in and set about making dinner.  Mountain House spaghetti and meat sauce this time.  A little runny but tasty enough.  After that, I whipped up some hot chocolate.  Damn, that hit the spot as the air began to cool.  I leaned up against the Jeep, enjoyed the hot chocolate and listened to Peter Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do” as it got dark.  A little bit of perfect.

Making hot chocolate.

Making hot chocolate.

So anyway, I had another great day on the East Walker.  As a side note, my back (really the nerve that runs down my leg that my shoddy lower spine is pinching) felt pretty good.  My leg hurt a few times and after about three hours my back was getting sore (probably from all the bending and walking on the uneven stream bed as much as anything) but all in all both this trip and the last one were pretty good.  The back’s not better but for the most part I’m able to manage the pain.


Selfie!  BA, baby, BA :roll:

Probably won’t get out next week.  I’ve got some writing and editing to do.  Looks like next week will be the end of temperatures in the 60’s for a while but the weather looks generally good for the next couple of weeks.  You never know.  I might get burned out on the writing and sneak out.  High school football is over too so I might get the kids out with me fishing or shooting before basketball practice starts in a few weeks.  But now that I’ve rediscovered hot chocolate, I might just stay home where it’s warm and drink some of that.


Don’t let them take away your rights!!!

Two bills restricting gun rights are making their way through the Nevada Legislature.  They are SB221, a bill claiming to change mental health provisions but is really universal background checks, and SB277, a law making it easier to strip your Second Amendment rights if you refuse mental health treatment.  Neither bill will do anything to stop violent criminals or insane individuals from breaking existing laws and using firearms to kill others.  Go to https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/77th2013/A/, search for SB 221 and SB 277 and indicate you are against the bills.  You may also leave a comment but if you do, keep it to the point, polite and respectful.  Please pass this on to your friends, family and coworkers!

This fight is not over.  There are people at all levels of government who want to strip you and I of our rights.  If your Senators and/or Assemblymen are Democrats, write or call them to let them know you do not support these bills and they cannot expect your vote if they support them.  Make your voice heard!

Shameless Self Promotion

To break up the mid-winter monotony, I’ve been finishing up my new book, Las Vegas – Cheap and Easy.  I’ve been working on this for over a year on and off and it’s nice to finally have it out the door.  It’s an ebook.  I’ve made a decision that ebooks are the way to go.  Real books are a dying breed.

I hope I’ve managed to put together a helpful book that will bring a lot of value to people.  My premise was that normal travel guides were kind of useless for Las Vegas.  They just go out of date so quickly.  I worked in Vegas for years and saw just how fast things changed.

Not just tearing down and building new casinos, but inside the casinos too.  One day there’s a restaurant and seemingly the next, it’s a poker room.  If you bought a typical travel guide just a year ago, it’s out of date.  Now you need to buy another?  Screw that.

I’ve tried to explain how to use the resources on the internet to not only get the best Las Vegas deals, but to figure out where to eat and what to see and do.  It’s full of advice, recommendations and tips & tricks.  All stuff I learned traveling there for work for almost 15 years.  Hopefully people will find it helpful.

Anyway, you can find Las Vegas – Cheap and Easy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and soon on iBooks, Sony and Diesel.  If you’re headed to Vegas, check it out.  Can’t go wrong for $6.99.  A whole book for the cost of a single bass bug!

The Other East Fork

The East Carson, wild and scenic, indeed.

Around these parts, there are three blue ribbon streams that flow into Nevada and die.  The Truckee flows out of Lake Tahoe and ends up in Pyramid Lake.  The East Walker flows out of Bridgeport Reservoir and, after mixing with the West Walker, eventually flows into Walker Lake.  The East Carson River flows from the mountains around Highway 4 and, after joining the West Carson, goes to die in the Carson Sink near Fallon, Nevada.  By the way, the other major river system in Nevada that doesn’t flow to the ocean is the Humboldt. Continue reading

Some Posting Adjustments

I’ve done a little thinking and I’ve made a few decisions about posting formats and such going forward.  Nothing major.  You’ll still see reports when I go fishing, including pictures, and occasionally other fishing repeated posts.  The changes are more in the format of the posts.

Last year I stopped using the waters name and date I fished that water as the posting title, opting for more creative titles.  That will continue, but I will no longer list the names of certain waters in the text either.  I used to feel that most waters had some much available information available on the internet that my contribution would be a drop in the bucket.

However, I’ve changed my opinion Continue reading

The Attraction of Attractors

I freely admit that I am not a match the hatch type of fisherman.  I will try to tie something on that approximates what seems to be hatching, but I rarely spend too much time or thought on it.  I have a few favorites that always seem to find their way onto my leader.  Considering where I do most of my fishing, that’s probably a good strategy.

Clockwise from the upper left: Chernobyl hopper, wooly worm, yellow humpy and a bead head prince nymph. All successful attractor patterns.

The climate and conditions in Nevada and the Sierras Continue reading


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