Ups and Downs on the East Walker

This is my favorite time of year on the East Walker.  The water is cool and usually offers lower flows, the weather is generally mild and the fishing is fantastic.  Last Friday the river was a little high at 140 CFS and the fish were a little finicky because the flows were being jacked up and down on a daily basis.  However, the flows dropped on Monday to about 85 CFS and then again on Tuesday to 79 CFS.  That’s  about 48 hours of fairly stable and highly fishable flows by Wednesday, so off I went.

Mallards on the East Walker.

It is surprising how little 60 CFS actually changes the way the river looks.  I wasn’t sure that the flows hadn’t gone back up when I arrived at the Elbow Continue reading

East Walker River – July 2, 2010

I had heard good things about the East Walker despite the higher flows.  It was at 237 CFS down from about 250 the previous day.  Pushing it in terms of being really prime in my opinion, but the reports said the section below the dams was going nuts.  So off I went for a few hours of fishing.

Just above the bridge on the 'Miracle Mile'.

I started out on the lower end of the ‘Miracle Mile’.  Of course, I tied on a small nymph and arrived on the bank to rising fish.  I switched to a dry and watched as the fish gobbled Continue reading


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