New Additions, More Coming

Wow, I’m amazed at the number of hits I have gotten already.  Mostly people redirected from the URL looking for general information on the web about fishing the area and my site comes up, or rather the old site.  Sorry, I haven’t got all the stuff transferred, but most of the popular stuff is here now (the Journal, Waters and the East Walker River).  I will get more transferred soon.

For those of you looking for my pages about building the Otter (D4 Dingy), I will get something up soon.  Not sure how it will work in the blog format, but something will be up.  Unfortunately, the otter is no more.  The wood I used was not up to snuff and she cracked badly.  She now provides a home for my cats. :(

Thanks for visiting!

2010 – New Year, New Start

I haven’t been updating my website, Flyfish Nevada (and in fact took it down), for a while now.  I started this blog about a year ago, but never found the energy to begin blogging.  Honestly, blogging was new to me and I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Now, I have another blog, Naked Liberty, and I have learned a lot.  Anyway, this is the beginning of the new Fly Fish Nevada.

The old URL,, points here and all my old readers (both of you) finally have a new place to go.  This format, I think will allow me to write more about my trips and share more photos, maybe even video.  I plan to migrate some of the old stuff over here too, especially my old Journal, though it’s missing a year or so.

So, welcome to the new home of Fly Fish Nevada*.  Hope you enjoy your stay and come back often.

*The old spelling “Flyfish Nevada” is technically incorrect, hence the difference.  The URL is, so you can’t really tell where the spaces are and it still works.  OK, enough of the inside blogging stuff.


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