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The old, boring “About” page has become the new and exciting “Team FFN” page.  That’s right!  Now you can get to know the creative talent behind the greatest fly fishing blog about Nevada and the Eastern Sierras in the history of fly fishing blogs about Nevada and the Eastern Sierras.  If you have time, check it out.  If not, check it out anyway.  Whatever you do, CHECK IT OUT.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Almost another month has gone by and I haven’t cast a fly.  Jen and I had to help my father in law move into an assisted living facility.  We have spent about half of December up in Oregon helping him out.  it hasn’t been fun, but its necessary and we are both relieved that he is now safe and well cared for.  Life goes on.

I wish I had tales of fishing to share, but all I can offer are the wishes of the staff here at Fly Fish Nevada (me) that everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lamoille Canyon, Elko – September 3, 2010

So, how did I end up at Lamoille Canyon again?  Henry, my oldest son, had a football game in Owyhee, Nevada on Saturday.  Not to many overnight accommodations in Owyhee, so Jen, the wife, and I stayed in Elko on Friday night.  she had never seen Lamoille, so I figured we would go up and check it out.  Of course, I brought my fly rod along.

Jen and I in Lamoille Canyon.

We checked out the canyon and then explored the same ponds we fished on my previous trip Continue reading


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