And the she is looking all Jeep-ish amongst the rocks of western Nevada

And there she is looking all Jeep-ish amongst the rocks of western Nevada…actually this is like three miles from my house.

Did you come here to see posts about fishing?  Well, you’re going to be disappointed.  June was a bit hectic.  We took the boys to Disneyland to celebrate Henry’s graduation from high school earlier this month.  Then when we got home I caught a cold, probably from from snot-nosed kid at the parks.  Once I recovered we prepped and planted our veggie garden.  Then, over the past weekend the boys and I installed a lift on the Jeep.  So, I can’t really be accused of being lazy but I haven’t been fishing.

But I wanted to post about the lift and what else I modified during the process.  Since this is my fishing blog, I won’t get too technical.  First off, I installed a Teraflex 2.5 inch spring lift which includes new coil springs that not only lift the Jeep an average of almost three inches (advertised lift height often accounts for common accessories like heavy bumper and winches) but I gained more in the front effectively leveling the Jeep. Continue reading

Bluestone Mine and Ludwig

At the Bluestone mine.  We didn't find the Jeep there, we brought it with us.

At the Bluestone mine. We didn’t find the Jeep there, we brought it with us.

There is a disturbing lack of water and trout going on around here.  WTF?  Well, I got a new Jeep and I’m having fun with it.  Besides, it’s not like I’m going fishing on Memorial Day weekend.  I tried that last year and it didn’t work out so well.  When you find rednecks (and I use that term affectionately, of course) floating down your favorite riffle in hot pink and lime green inflatables, it’s time to go do something else.

Looking over Mason Valley.

Looking over Mason Valley.

So I did and I didn’t go all that far.  I didn’t have to.  Actually, I was surprised how easy these places that I didn’t know existed until recently, though they aren’t more than 15 mile from my house, were to get to.  The big wide open isn’t so wide open and it’s bigger than you think.  It can hide all kinds of treasures in more or less plain sight. Continue reading

Mason Valley to Smith Valley – The Hard Way

Front axle disconnected, rear axle locked, we were ready for anything.

Front axle disconnected, rear axle locked, we were ready for anything.

A free Saturday!  One boy is in Wells, Nevada, playing baseball and then other in Fernley at a track meet.  I know what your thinking.  How did that Fly Fish Nevada guy spawn a kid that can run track?  I didn’t…and no, neither did the UPS man…the boy throws shot put and discus.  It was windy and cool and there was no way we were going to either of those events.  So, Jen and I took a little drive to Yerington for lunch at Maverick (hey, we’re easy to please) and then some off-road adventure…or what passes for adventure when your pushing 50 :D Continue reading

A New Jeep!

The way my Jeep looks now, more or less.

The way my Jeep looks now, more or less.

Things have been kind of up in the air here for a bit.  We took our annual trip to Jamaica in mid-March and I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with my Jeep.  I had planned on a bit of a restoration project but as the cost mounted I wondered what the end game was.  I planned on buying a new Jeep in a couple of years and I’d never see the money I put into the current Jeep TJ when I sold it.  The improvements were for me but the enjoyment would be short.  So, I began looking at buying a new Jeep now instead.


And the new beast the way I picked her up from the dealer. She won’t stay stock for long.

I finally decided it was the better option.  I could use the money I’d planned to use to build my current Jeep for a down payment along with the proceeds from selling it.  I devoured everything I could about the new JK Wranglers (Jeeps have two letter names that designate each model, i.e. CJ, YJ, TJ, etc., and then new ones are JK) and finally settled on a modestly outfitted Rubicon Unlimited, the four door model.  The dealer found one on another dealers lot that matched my criteria and I picked it up on March 29, 2014. Continue reading

Home Office Fever

I was feeling a little shut in, a little restless.  So I took a drive to Yerington to gas up the Jeep (worth the 20 minute trip to save over a buck a gallon plus I got lunch at Maverick ;))  Anyhow, on the way back I took a detour and drove up to the old mining settlement and current ghost town of Pine Grove.  It’s not Bodie but it’s still pretty cool.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.  No commentary today.

Update:  What I’ve labeled a headframe is in fact a stamp mill.  It was used to pound material rather than crush it.  The camshaft up top is what drives the shafts that pounded ore.  Those are missing, probably easy to cart off and so stolen long ago.


An old headframe. The shaft is caved in but it’s in great shape.

Continue reading

Jeep Tool Kit

Jeep Tool Kit

Click to see a bigger version!

OK, it’s winter.  OK, it’s late fall, whatever, it snowed yesterday.  In any case, I’ve got a lot of more gear and informational posts lined up because I’m old and I don’t like fishing in the cold.  Now, I was going to do a video for this but it’s a tool kit.  You know what tools look like, right?  Some of the other posts I have planned will have videos to compliment them but not this one.  So, without further adieu…

I’ve got a Jeep and it’s old – sort of.  It’s a 1998 Wrangler with 112,000 miles on it.  Pretty good for a 16 year old Jeep.  It’s got some minor cosmetic issues but mechanically, it’s solid.  But that can change in a hurry. Continue reading

East Walker River – Fishing and More!


Yes, I’m in love with my Jeep ;)

I finally pried myself from my writing chair today and went outdoors!  I know, right?  I’ve been cooped up in here quite a bit lately.  Honestly, I’m digging on my writing and I spend a lot of time working on it.  You only see part of that hard work her on the blog.  I write under another pen name too.  I like to keep them separate so I’m not telling you what that name is.  Sorry but if you’ve ever wondered why I’ve turned out so few books but spend so much time writing, that’s why.

OK, back to the matter at hand.  I did some editing today and then about 12:30 I left for the Elbow.  I dragged my cameras and my survival bags along for the ride.  I wasn’t just going out to fish.  I was hoping to get some video to put together something for YouTube and practice some of my “survival skills” as well as wet a line.  Things, as they seem to do, didn’t go as planned. Continue reading

Smokefest 2013

They view off my front porch this AM.

The view off my front porch this AM.

The beautiful summer weather goes on.  The Rim Fire burning near Yosemite continues to pour smoke into the valleys along the Sierra front.  Football games have been canceled for another week and outdoor activities of any kind are difficult at best.  I’ve heard rumors that the skies are clear near Bridgeport and Lee Vining but driving through the haze to get there is the problem.  The Jeep isn’t exactly air tight and by the time I could reach clear air, I’d likely be ruined.

So, while I wait for the skies to clear to begin enjoying the fall fishing in earnest, I’m working on some projects at home.  That is when I’m not suffering from near constant headaches, sinus pressure and a burning throat.  I know the fire crews are doing their best but I wish they could work faster.  As long as they’re safe, that is.  Reporting from Smokefest 2013.

Summer Kind of Sucks!


Dumping Rain in Pickel Meadows, sunny down by the junction.

I’ve been cooped up in the house for a while, avoiding the outdoors because of the crowds, the heat, the fires and the thunderstorms.  If it’s not one of those, its another and most of time its more than one.  This year has been especially bad for fires and thunderstorms.  The Sierras, or large swaths of them, anyway, have been socked in with smoke from the various fires all summer.  Thunderstorms seem to be the norm this year.

Jeep Surreal

Da Jeep!

As if to hammer that point home, yesterday, the 21st of August, was one of the worst days for thunderstorms all summer and today, the 22nd (my birthday by the way), the skies of Reno, Carson City and Minden/Gardnerville are thick with smoke and falling ash Continue reading

Dana Fork and Parker Pass Creek

Like an old Jeep ad.

Like an old Jeep ad.

What with the 4th of July crowds, the heat and the previous cold and wind gone, I took my youngest son, Owen, and we went fishing.  We were headed to Laurel Lakes but on the way down 395, I just didn’t feel like making the four mile trek up that treacherous road, so we changed our plans.  We stopped for breakfast at the Mobile station at the junction of US 395 and Highway 120, gassed up and headed up the hill towards Yosemite.

We drove up to Tuolumne Meadows first to check that out.  It wasn’t crowded, maybe only 9:00 am.  Very pretty.  My first time in the park.  Yes, yes, I’ve lived in Carson City and Smith Valley my whole life and never driven past the Tioga entrance.  So sue me.  I guess you just take things so close for granted. By the way, this is only my second National Park visit.  The first was Redwood National Forest in northern California.  Now you know.  I know, you’re thrilled. Continue reading


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