2013 Fishing Season has Officially Begun

The Yellow-Headed Blackbird.  World's most annoying bird!

The Yellow-Headed Blackbird. World’s most annoying bird!

Yes, hard to believe, but I finally got my butt out of the house and put it in some water.  Notice the word “fishing” was conspicuously absent from that sentence.  Oh, I whipped some water and drowned some flies but fishing usually involves some participation on the fishes’ part.  That did not occur today in any shape, form or fashion.  But I did get to put the new Dave Scadden Outlaw Escape through it’s paces (except I forgot the oars) and also tested my new vestless fishing rig (is vestless a word?)

Finally, things are back to normal here at the homestead.  I’m done fiddling with my back and though it’s not fixed, it is manageable.  My wife,Jen, is also feeling much better. Continue reading

Housekeeping and an Update on my Back

Sitting at the computer passing time and trying to avoid Superbowl pre-game droning, I decided to finally make this announcement.  From this point forward, all blogging will be done here on Fly Fish Nevada.  If I publish a book, it will be here.  If I feel like musing on retirement, it will be here.  If I want to complain about the government, here it will go – I am retired after all ;)  I’m running out of things to say on my other blogs so in addition to fishing trips posts, of which I hope to have many more of this year, you will get some other stuff from time to time.  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it. :)

So, on the back, I’ve graduated from the water therapy to land therapy.  The water therapy was pretty easy.  It’s meant for people with injuries or post surgery.  I was neither and so it wasn’t too tough. However, it helped a lot and my back pain is manageable.  Land therapy is harder but that’s good.  I’m riding my bike when the weather permits and walking too.  Between the exercises, my bike and walking, I’ve lost a little weight and my core, whatever that is, is stronger.  Good news all around.  So glad I didn’t have surgery!

Fishing season around these parts starts soon.  Next Saturday, Feb 9, is the opening of Hinkson Slough.  I’ll miss the opener due to the boys last basketball games of the year, but that’s not a bad thing.  The opener is often crowded and cold.  Afterwards, however, it gets less crowded and more comfortable and the fishing is usually better.  Look for reports starting soon along with all kinds of other wisdom  on my part.  And don’t forget to comment.  Comments keep things fresh and give me ideas.  Blogging is not a spectator sport.

Oh yeah, go Niners!!!

Hinkson Wins Again

As promised, I went back to Hinkson Slough to get even for the skunk I was handed last week.  Well, Hinkson had other plans.  I got skunked again, but without any of the grabs and strikes I was getting last time.  I think I might have seen my indicator move ever so slightly sideways…maybe.

Other than that I saw only a handful of rises.  There was a constant breeze and chop on the water, but last week the lights winds were gusting.  Other than that there was little difference in the days, time or techniques.  I guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching.

What the heck are you looking at?

So, since I do not have any pictures of large, angry trout or tales of heroic battles, you get a bunch of wildlife photos.  The first one, above, is of a three and a half foot snake Continue reading

An Old Favorite: Hinkson Slough

Could it have been over three years since I visited one of my favorite spots, Hinkson Slough?  Apparently, yes, if my Journal is to be believed.  I know I didn’t go last year, but I might have in 2009.  I have no records for much of that year.  In either case its been too long!

Hinkson Slough with the snow-capped Pinenut Mountains in the background.

Hinkson and I go way back.  If memory serves I started fishing there is 1993!  In those days Continue reading

Happy New Year!!

Well, it’s a new year and that means a new $105 California fishing license.  Nevada’s doesn’t expire until the end of February.  While I planned on being out on the water a little more these last couple of months, life intervened.  Oh well, if you’re gonna be stuck not fishing, this is probably the time of year to do it, or not do it as the case may be.

Last year, was a good year of fishing for me.  I didn’t really get out until July, the month I retired, but I managed to get out pretty often and I had some success.  My biggest fish was 15 inches.  Not big, I know, but considering where I was fishing, not bad either.  My posts show that I went out 15 times last year, including two multi-day trips.  One was to Lamoille Canyon, the other to the Upper Sac.

This year I want to get out a lot more.  Pyramid and Hinkson Slough, when it opens in February, will fill out the winter and early spring and I will fish the East Walker in the spring, before the flows go up for the summer.  This year I will try and visit some new waters and do some day hiking in the Sierras.  I have a couple of ideas for longer trips, which I will begin planning in earnest, and i will try and squeeze another trip in with my boys this summer, but they are so busy with other stuff that it might be though.

Anyway, I hope you have a good 2011.


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