Baker Company – Episode 4: The Road Home

Baker Company Ep 4I am happy to announce the release of the final episode of my World War II serial, Baker Company – Episode 4: The Road Home.  Finishing the series is bittersweet.  I’m glad to get this one under my belt but at the same time, I’m going to miss the characters.  I’ve become fond of them.  However, the story has been told and it’s time to move on.  I’ve got several other projects on tap (three at least) so there are new stories and characters to explore.

Nobody ever said the road home was an easy one, especially for the men of Baker Company and their allies.  With everyone save Tony, Bull and Cowboy captured, it’s up to them to free their comrades so they can all get to Carentan and link up with the 101st.  But the men of Baker Company have an ace in the hole, Corporal Oscar “Ozzy” P. Jennings.  Even after a daring rescue and wild flight from the Germans, our heroes still have a long way to get to Carentan.  They must break through the German lines but the closer they get, the farther away home seems.  Will the men of Baker Company make it back to the 101st Airborne or will they die in vain within sight of their goal?  Find out in the exciting final episode of Baker Company.

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My Cortisone Shot and Maybe a Shot at NO SURGERY!

My S-1 vertebra in the center, the needle at the bottom and the contrast dye is the black cloud up top. That’s 2-3 ml of dye and he injected 17 ml of cortisone. That white line in the middle is just interference. Click to see larger.

I got my cortisone shot this morning.  It was relatively painless and the doctor felt pretty good he got the entire disk and nerve marinating in the anti-inflammatory.  He told me that there is an 80-85 percent success rate with the injections and I can have up to three per year as necessary.  My goal isn’t zero pain.  My goal is the ability to get out and about without excruciating pain shooting down my leg.  Some pain is tolerable and cortisone shots and a little pain is preferable to spinal surgery.

So, now I wait and hope the injection does it’s job.  I’m hopeful but prepared for the worst.  Today, I’m a little sore and tired from not sleeping well last night.  Nerves!  Now that I’ve done it, it was no big deal.  I wore my street clothes even though it was performed in the surgical center.  My doctor, Dr. Shapiro, was a good guy and used x-rays to get the cortisone right were I needed it and I even got a souvenir picture.  I should have brought a Sharpie and had him sign it.

Building the Otter – The Finale

Here is the end of my Building the Otter series.  All the original build pages are contained on a single page now.  Just click here or the tab labeled “The Otter” above.  The newest addition is at the bottom.  Scroll down to read it or read the whole story.

I must admit, I am saddened to finish this.  I poured my heart and soul into that little boat.  I got to enjoy her on the water only twice, but that amounted to merely a tiny fraction of the time I spent building her.  As is so often the case, the journey is at least half the fun.  In this case, the journey is all I have left.  Though I was often discouraged, confused, frustrated and confounded while building her, the memories are precious.

I hope you enjoy the building of the Otter as much as I did, and still do.

Building the Otter – Part XI

I apologize.  I just plain spaced posting new episodes of “Building the Otter”.  Oops.  And this is the perfect time of year to do it too.  Not much else going on.  I promise to finish this out over the next couple of months!

To view this episode click here or click “The Otter” tab above and scroll down

For those looking for more tales of my fishing trips, I am on a really restricted diet and it makes traveling tough.  So far, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds!  You can find more out over on my Being Retired blog.  Good news, it ends next week.  My son has a basketball game at Pyramid Lake High School on February 3rd, so I’m going to fish Pyramid that morning and go watch his game that afternoon.   Look for a report soon after!

Building the Otter – Part 10

OK, time for another episode of everyone’s favorite little boat building story, Building the Otter.  I assure you we are getting down to the end.  Thank God too!  I am as sick of writing these as I was of building the boat itself.  As they say, “You gotta hate it, to finish it.”  Enjoy.

To view this episode click here or click “The Otter” tab above and scroll down

Building the Otter – Part IX

It’s been a really long time!  Been kind of tied up recently, but no more excuses.  I am committing to post Otter updates weekly, or biweekly…bimonthly?  More often, how about that?

To see this episode, click here and scroll down.  Later!

Building the Otter – Part VIII

I know, its been a while.  Sorry, but what do you want for free?  Anyway, this episode moves us yet closer to the finished product  Keep checking back for more!

To see this episode, click here and scroll down.  Later!

My Plans for Fly Fish Nevada

Since this site is as much for me as it is for you, I have decided to post about my future plans for this blog and my plans in general regarding Fly Fish Nevada.  I currently am employed with the State of Nevada, however, I will be retiring this July, Independence Day to be exact.  I will not be sitting in a lawn chair on my drive way sipping beer, smoking cigars and complaining about the government (well, not all the time anyway.)  I will be actually be semi-retired, working part-time, but I will also be spending more time blogging and developing Fly Fish Nevada, as well as fishing the local waters.

You will see more posts about places I fish come this summer.  I plan to document every trip with photos and write about my experience for you, my faithful readers.  This serves two purposes.  First, a nice entertaining read.  I love reading about other’s fishing experiences and dreaming about going where they go and I assume you do to.  Second, it will provide a nice record of my fishing success (or lack thereof) for posterity’s sake.  Something you and I can reference in the weeks, months and years to come.

Continue reading

Building the Otter – Part V

Wow!  Already to part five.  At this rate, I’ll be done posting these in 2037 (not really, but there are quite a few left).

Anyway, click here and scroll down to see Part V.


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