Test Run Squared

A little fall on Desert Creek with a little HDR processing via Photoshop

As midsummer like conditions hit the sierras due to the less than normal snow pack, I decided to go out and test a couple of things.  One test went well, the other not so well.  Lets get the bad news out of the way.  I went up Desert Creek to do a little fishing and some photo/videography.  My back did not hold up well to the rigors of wading among the slippery river rocks.  I was able to fish for about 20 minutes after playing with my video camera for about 20 before that.  I’m afraid I’m going to be relegated to drive to lakes that I can float tube.  Beats the alternative I suppose.

I was in serious pain and at one point was ready to give up on physical therapy and just start down the road to surgery.  However, my wife just had surgery, had her gall bladder taken out, so were already up to our eyeballs in medical bills.  I’d probably rather schedule surgery, assuming that’s what I need, for the winter when I’m cooped up in the house anyway.  I see the doctor on July 3rd.  Until then, I’ll just muddle through.

What did work out is taking photos and video.  I used my Kodak PlaySport to take some video under water.  I passed the hatchery truck on the way up, so there were some fish in the stream to make famous.  Unfortunately, they don’t hold still for the camera.  You can see them darting about.  Still, it’s a cool little video and my first one cut on Adobe Premiere Pro.  Steep learning curve, but tons of features.

A deer carcass I found in the stream. Kind of a cool shot with the water smoothed like that and the same HDR processing.

I also played with taking pictures of the water and trying to get that smooth effect you see so often.  I also found a deer carcass in the stream and took some photos that I combined into a high dynamic range photo.  Neat effect.  I was going to shoot some time lapse, but my back hurt too bad.  Some other time.  I’m actually trying to hone my skills and make some films.  I want fishing and water to be a big part of those.  I’m saving up for some gear to help out and trying to learn Premiere and After Effects.

So, no fish today.  I saw plenty, but I doubt the fish dumped into the stream less than an hour before I arrived were in any mood to grab my fly.  The creek was at midsummer flows and there is zero snow up that way.  Fishing season is here!  Now I just gotta dig the float tubes out and get my gear all cleaned up and sorted out.  At least the picture taking gives me something to do when the fishing hurt too much.

Back Update

I’ve been to my doctor and we went with the anti-inflammatory/physical therapy strategy.  I’ve been on Naproxen for almost a month and going to physical therapy.  I’ve got a bunch of stretches and exercises and I’ve been doing them religiously.  I also got a lift for my left foot.  My hips are wonky and my right legs is about half an inch longer than the left as a result.  It has helped a lot.  I seem to be able to stand for longer periods and the pain is less when I go walking.  I expect to be doing this for a while longer since I am seeing some improvement.

However, standing is still painful after a while and some days its still as bad as it was prior.  I’m kind of waiting for the lakes to open up so I can go float tubing.  I can sit all day long with no pain.  I’m also probably going to Disneyland with the family in June.  That will be the big test.  With another 6 weeks of therapy, I’m hoping my pain is manageable.  If not, who knows?  Good news is this year the snow pack is pretty light, but most of the lakes were full from last years heavy snow pack.  High elevation lakes should be opening up early this year.

Stand by!


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