Building the Otter – Part VII

Sorry, I missed last week.  Just plain forgot.  Anyway, were about half way to the end.  I am on vaction next week, so check back in two week for a new episode.  In the meantime, enjoy Part VII.

To see this update, click here and scroll down.

I will be thinking of you next week when I am lounging by on the beach in Jamaica…not!  Have a good week!

Building the Otter – Part V

Wow!  Already to part five.  At this rate, I’ll be done posting these in 2037 (not really, but there are quite a few left).

Anyway, click here and scroll down to see Part V.

Building the Otter – Parts II and III

I forgot (forgot means I was watching football and didn’t feel like it) to post an episode from my wildly popular Building the Otter series.  So this week you get two.  See, I got your back!  Anyway, enjoy!

Click here and scroll down to find Building the Otter – Parts II and III

Warning:  The Superbowl is next week so don’t hold your breath.


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