Fly Fish Nevada Premiers on YouTube

After some fits and starts, I’ve finally premiered my first video on my YouTube channel.  It’s a short video about my afternoon in the East Walker detailed in this post.  As I’ve said before, this is a lot of work and more difficult than it looks.  I could have chosen to just do a simple gear review or something but I chose a more complex subject with a lot of editing, music, etc.  I probably won’t be doing these kind of videos often.  It’s hard to fish and film at the same time.

I will, however be doing some gear reviews, educational stuff and a few rants from time to time on my channel.  I intend for the YouTube channel to be a companion to the blog.  For instance, when I review something, say my “tactical” fishing bag, I’ll do a write up for the blog and a companion video.  Each will stand alone but act together too.  Some things are easier to write about and others easier to talk about on video.

Anyway, hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.  Thanks!

East Walker River – One More Time

Beautiful stretch of water just downstream of the Elbow.

Beautiful stretch of water just downstream of the Elbow.

I had so much fun last week down on the Elbow I did it again.  This time, however, I fished downstream of the Elbow and though I never found any water as productive as my honey hole, I did find some good fishing.  I also “camped” again and this time, I got some usable footage that become a YouTube video I will debut next week.  All in all, I had a good day and there aren’t too many left before the river starts to ice up and shut down for all intents and purposes until spring.

First fish of the day.

First fish of the day.

So, like last week I left home about 12:30 pm and got to the spot I wanted to fish a little after one o’clock.  It was warm but there was that chill in the air you get this time of year.  I donned my gear and hit the river, first hiking a bit down stream to some good-looking water.  I hooked my first fish of the day on a nymph and I spend the rest of the afternoon finding trout where you’d expect them, all rainbows this time around, with a light but steady breeze at my back that chilled me as the sun got low in the sky.

Nice panorama of the crag behind my "camp."

Nice panorama of the crag behind my “camp.”

I switched to a dry early on when I spotted some fish rising and stuck with it until the end.  In some riffles, trout were rising pretty aggressively but taking emergers, I suspect, as often as dries.  In other spots, mostly the flatter water, the fish rose more sporadically.  I bet a nymph would have done well too but sometimes dries are just too much fun.  Most of the rainbows were between eight and ten inches but a few went up to maybe eleven or even twelves inches.

A spooky fishing trail.  It was Halloween after all.

A spooky fishing trail. It was Halloween after all.

About 4:30 I was getting hungry and my back was getting sore so I packed it in and set about making dinner.  Mountain House spaghetti and meat sauce this time.  A little runny but tasty enough.  After that, I whipped up some hot chocolate.  Damn, that hit the spot as the air began to cool.  I leaned up against the Jeep, enjoyed the hot chocolate and listened to Peter Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do” as it got dark.  A little bit of perfect.

Making hot chocolate.

Making hot chocolate.

So anyway, I had another great day on the East Walker.  As a side note, my back (really the nerve that runs down my leg that my shoddy lower spine is pinching) felt pretty good.  My leg hurt a few times and after about three hours my back was getting sore (probably from all the bending and walking on the uneven stream bed as much as anything) but all in all both this trip and the last one were pretty good.  The back’s not better but for the most part I’m able to manage the pain.


Selfie!  BA, baby, BA :roll:

Probably won’t get out next week.  I’ve got some writing and editing to do.  Looks like next week will be the end of temperatures in the 60’s for a while but the weather looks generally good for the next couple of weeks.  You never know.  I might get burned out on the writing and sneak out.  High school football is over too so I might get the kids out with me fishing or shooting before basketball practice starts in a few weeks.  But now that I’ve rediscovered hot chocolate, I might just stay home where it’s warm and drink some of that.

East Walker River – Fishing and More!


Yes, I’m in love with my Jeep ;)

I finally pried myself from my writing chair today and went outdoors!  I know, right?  I’ve been cooped up in here quite a bit lately.  Honestly, I’m digging on my writing and I spend a lot of time working on it.  You only see part of that hard work her on the blog.  I write under another pen name too.  I like to keep them separate so I’m not telling you what that name is.  Sorry but if you’ve ever wondered why I’ve turned out so few books but spend so much time writing, that’s why.

OK, back to the matter at hand.  I did some editing today and then about 12:30 I left for the Elbow.  I dragged my cameras and my survival bags along for the ride.  I wasn’t just going out to fish.  I was hoping to get some video to put together something for YouTube and practice some of my “survival skills” as well as wet a line.  Things, as they seem to do, didn’t go as planned. Continue reading

Vacation and Some New Stuff

I’m off on a short vacation.  Going to Jamaica for some sun, sand, rum and meat patties.  Mmm.  I’ve been working on some new stuff for the blog, namely a YouTube channel and videos instead of just words.  I’ve always provided picture heavy posts but in the future, many posts will include videos.  From artsy stuff taken on fishing trips to gear reviews of stuff I use to some how-to and educational videos.  I’ve already shot a few but I wasn’t happy with them.

Let me tell you, shooting video is tough.  I’m sure once the workflow is ironed out it gets easier but at first it’s a chore, not to mention how hard it is to talk to yourself out in the middle of nowhere without feeling like an idiot.  In fact, I had a family walk by and catch me as I was speaking to my camera.  That was unnerving.  I’m sure after a while you just stop worrying about it.  I hope so anyway.

By the way, the East Walker is probably fishable now.  The flows are still low but the evenings have been cool, below freezing in fact.  The water should be cool and have a higher level of oxygen so fishing won’t be so stressful for the fish.  I plan to find out once I get back…theoretically.  I’m having trouble finding the time lately.  I’ve got a lot of writing deadlines, self-imposed deadlines, but deadlines nevertheless.  Not to mention football and school stuff.  I’ll get out there, eventually :roll:

A Little Housekeeping Post

Since I posted it earlier this year, I wanted to take the opportunity to say I’ve abandoned my 2013 Top Ten Quest.  Quite a few of the locations were near Yosemite and the Rim Fire is still burning and likely to be until it rains or snows.  Smoke is a concern and Highway 120 is closed 35 miles from the junction with 395.  I can get to the places, but whose to say what I’ll find once I’m there.  Could be clear, could be blanketed with smoke.  I’m going to be looking north for opportunities this fall and taking advantage of locations in the Bridgeport/Mammoth area when and things clear up consistently.

In the meantime, I’m preparing some posts for the fall and winter, mainly concerning my survival kit, my new tactical fishing bag, and stuff like that.  I’m traveling for high school football this week, but next week I’m going to get out there and ply the waters of somewhere free of smoke.  Hopefully the weather cools a bit soon and I can fish the East Walker.  Still too low and the air temps too high to fish without harming the trout.

East Walker River Alert!

IMG_4244I’m gonna suggest something here that might not sit well with some people but please consider not fishing the East Walker until the weather cools significantly.  The flows are down to 70 CFS (that’s winter time flows) and the water is both warm and low in oxygen.  That’s bad mojo for trout!  Taking a fly and the resulting fight might just be the death of the fish.  Sierra Drifters aren’t guiding there and I won’t fish the East Walker until probably October.

Plenty of other waters to fish on.  Lots of smaller streams and alpine lakes that aren’t being hit as bad by the drought.  Do the fish a favor and give them a rest.

What Was I Thinking?

Should have stayed home and drank!

Should have stayed home and drank!

I’d been trying to get out on the water, specifically the East Walker before the tough summer flows hit, but with my anniversary, my son’s birthday and all the end of the school year stuff, I was having trouble finding a day.  So I targeted Friday.  Yes, the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend.  What was I thinking?

Look, I don’t have a real job.  Holidays are meaningless to me for the most part.  It just didn’t occur to me half the people on the planet would be leaving early for the long weekend.  I pulled up to the Elbow and saw half a dozen RVs spread around, two guys on dirt bikes ripping up one of the trails, but my honey hole was open.  However, as I approached, six middle aged RVer’s walked around the bend in swimming suits carrying blow up inner tubes and rafts.

I can take a hint!  I just gave up on fishing and did a little exploring.  No pictures, nothing spectacular.  I don’t like crowds.  I know the East Walker isn’t mine or exclusive to fishermen, but it seems harder and harder to get away from the crowds.  Places I visited five years ago and had to myself, now are teaming with people.  I guess the economy means camping out is preferred to expensive tourist destinations and fancy hotels, not to mention the whole outdoors experience is being promoted heavily.

Unfortunately, a lot of the folks that go, just don’t understand part of the attraction is the peace and quiet, the solitude.  They bring the city and it’s noise and crowding with them.  They don’t respect personal space and have no idea how loud and obnoxious they can be.  I wish it were just rich lawyers in the Simms waders with their $800 Sage rods like the locals in Montana complain about.  I could deal with that.  Weekdays and waters that don’t show up in magazines.  That’s my mantra.

P.S. Props to our men and women serving in the armed forces and to those that have sacrificed all in the name of liberty.

P.S.S. Yes, I am a curmudgeon.  Thanks for asking.

Back in the Saddle Again (Literally)

One of my favorite holes on the East Walker. Almost always full of hungry trout.

See that post below, the one about me having surgery?  I lied.  I am not having surgery.  I’ve decided against it and if you’re really interested in why, or just bored out of your skull, go to Being Retired to read all about it.  Otherwise, long story short is the cure looked to worse than the disease and I’m actively trying to avoid surgery now.  I’m doing more aggressive physical therapy, losing weight and trying to strengthen my back.  It’s working a little.  I still have pain, but it is reduced slightly.

So, I decided to get my ass up and go fishing.  I freely admit I’ve been sort of a pu…this is a family blog so lets say wuss.  I had surrendered to my pain and pretty much stopped doing physical stuff.  Now that I realize I might have to live with some pain to avoid horrible spinal fusion surgery, I’ve decided to just suck it up.  The fact my surgeon told me my back is stable and I probably can’t hurt it further helped too.  I’ve sold my big heavy pontoon and replaced it with the Scadden Outlaw Escape at just 22 pounds rather than 60.  I’ve also purchased a marsh seat to carry with me, but more on that later.

The Jeep with all the gear strewn about.

So, I was off fairly early and excited to go fishing again.  I got about half way to the river and…my timing belt began to fray.  Really?  I limped back to Wellington and went to Masse Performance.  Shane found a belt he had in stock that was little long, but workable and put it on.  I was back on the road within half an hour.  I stopped by on the way home and he put the real one on for my Jeep that he had delivered while I was gone.  Great shop!  If you’re near Smith Valley and need automotive help, Masse is the place to go.  No, its really the only place to go, but they are great.

The Avery seat stuck in the bottom and ready to provide relief and keep me fishing.

First fish of the day, a nice wild brown.

So, I arrived later than I’d hoped at the Elbow and got rigged up.  One of my new pieces of gear is the Avery Marsh Seat, the saddle I refer to in the title.  I got it at Cabelas and with my loyalty points it was only about $25, regularly $39 I think.  I plan to carry it on my back to provide a place to sit (sitting relieves the pain in my back).  It’s made for duck hunting, but it’s light and folds flat.  It worked pretty well, only needing a new strap that’s longer so I can wear the strap across my chest instead of just over one shoulder where it tended to want to slip off.  I had to find a spot the rocks  would give way to let it sink into the bottom, but once it was in it stayed.  Cool!

A nice wild rainbow.

So, I didn’t fish for long, maybe three hours, but I slayed them.  I fished one of my favorite holes and could have caught them with a bare hook it seemed.  I fished a dry, nymphs, a hopper, a streamer and a big stone fly nymph.  I caught fish on them all.  A few smaller browns were amongst the rainbows that were averaging ten to twelve inches with the biggest going about thirteen.  Most were hold over planters though some looked to be wild and they were all fat and hard fighting.

One of the bigger fish of the day.

All in all it was a good day.  Not too cold but great fishing.  I’m busy next week with physical therapy and then I’m going out of town, but if the weather holds, I’d like to try a longer day to perfect the new pain-saving seat.  Looks like the new float tube/pontoon is not going to get a work out this year, but come February when Hinkson Slough opens I’m going to get out there and put it though it’s paces.   In the meantime, I’m going to go through my gear, replace some things, maybe buy a new four piece rod to replace the broken one, and maybe even see about a Tenkara set up.

A Morning On the East Walker

The new rogue flow at the end of the Elbow section.

I really planned on good, hard day of fishing this week.  It’ been since early September since I wet a fly and I was getting the feeling that I was missing some spectacular fall fishing.  Unfortunately, last weekend I got a nice head cold that is just now clearing up.  It really kicked my ass.  I was so tired up until yesterday and still a little worn out even today.  The three days of drunken partying in Cancun the week before might have help the cold stick around a little longer than usual.

Anyway, I woke up and felt good, so I packed a lunch and hit the road.  I was eager to drive over the Elbow and see what became of the rogue flow I found earlier this year, so the Nevada side it was.  I checked the flows before I left and they were at 156 CFS.  Of course, they dumped the flows down to 145 right after I checked and then cranked them up to 190 while I was out there.  I have a knack for visiting on the days they play with the flows. Continue reading

Time Flies (No Pun Intended)

Just a pretty picture of the Upper Sac to sooth my readers until I post something worthwhile.

Wow, I just realized I haven’t been out on the water for 6 weeks!  To be honest, I realized that I hadn’t been fishing in a while, I just wasn’t aware it had been a month and a half.  In my defense, I’ve been busy.  I know, I know, how can a retired guy be too busy to go fishing?

Well, I traveled to a couple of high school football games on the other side of the state back in September.  I went to Cancun, Mexico (not to fish, but I did drink like one).  I’ve also been indulging some other interests, specifically I’ve been doing a lot of writing.  Plus, the weather sucked.  Rain, snow, clouds, wind, etc.  Usually September is fantastically beautiful with stable, pleasant weather. Continue reading


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