The Other East Fork

The East Carson, wild and scenic, indeed.

Around these parts, there are three blue ribbon streams that flow into Nevada and die.  The Truckee flows out of Lake Tahoe and ends up in Pyramid Lake.  The East Walker flows out of Bridgeport Reservoir and, after mixing with the West Walker, eventually flows into Walker Lake.  The East Carson River flows from the mountains around Highway 4 and, after joining the West Carson, goes to die in the Carson Sink near Fallon, Nevada.  By the way, the other major river system in Nevada that doesn’t flow to the ocean is the Humboldt. Continue reading

Wolf Creek – September 2, 2010

Gee, nice I could show up!  Been a while, a month to be exact.  Been busy with Henry’s football, school shopping, and, if I’m being honest, a little lazy.  Plus after the trip to Elko, I felt a little fished out.  I even planned to make a trip last week, but the wind and rain showed up.  Moved all the dove out of here too.  A couple of weeks ago there were literately hundreds of the little buggers in the field across the street.  As of yesterday, opening day of dove hunting season, maybe 20 remain.  Happens every year around here right before dove season.  I watched two guys hunt and they got exactly two shots.  I didn’t bother.  Anyway…

The big meadow that Wolf Creek flows though.

The wife and I took a little drive over Monitor Pass a few days back and I got the itch to head back to fish.  Always wanted to fish Wolf Creek Continue reading


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