Lunch at Desert Creek

I’ve been meaning to get out this week and scout Desert Creek.  Not that I fish there a lot during the year, but it’s close and a neat drive.  Well the weather hasn’t been cooperating so far this week.  Rain, wind and cold, otherwise known as spring time in Nevada, has kept my indoors.

Mid-May in Nevada. Desert Creek canyon from my front porch.

I packed a lunch, my rod and vest, just in case.  I was surprised Continue reading

Desert Creek – July 14, 2010

OK, just quickie here.  I headed up to Desert Creek, about 20 minutes from my home, with lunch in hand to see if it was in fishing shape.  Answer:  Yes!  The creek is still a little murky, but totally fishable.  I ate lunch at a nice shady spot where I noticed that a small dam (see previous dam rant here) had caused a large section of bank to be washed away.  The creek found the path of least resistance and carved itself a new place to flow.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t the worst situation I saw.

The small rock dam and to the right of it the new channel and the washed out bank, which my truck is sitting on. Glad I stopped when I did!

I fished the spot with a indicator rig and had a small trout try to eat my indicator.  Ha ha, very funny. Continue reading

Little Dams, Big Problems

I was up at Desert Creek the other day and I came across something that has always bugged me.  Dams!  Not the big hydroelectric variety or even the small irrigation or flood control kind.  These are just little rock dams.  For being so small they sure can create a lot of damage to a small trout stream.  I am not sure why people build these but I can guess.  Most are near the camp spots, so it is likely they are either to provide a place to swim or a place to fish.  Either way, those uses are short lived and the trout suffer in the long run.

A Large Rock Dam

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