Dana Fork and Parker Pass Creek

Like an old Jeep ad.

Like an old Jeep ad.

What with the 4th of July crowds, the heat and the previous cold and wind gone, I took my youngest son, Owen, and we went fishing.  We were headed to Laurel Lakes but on the way down 395, I just didn’t feel like making the four mile trek up that treacherous road, so we changed our plans.  We stopped for breakfast at the Mobile station at the junction of US 395 and Highway 120, gassed up and headed up the hill towards Yosemite.

We drove up to Tuolumne Meadows first to check that out.  It wasn’t crowded, maybe only 9:00 am.  Very pretty.  My first time in the park.  Yes, yes, I’ve lived in Carson City and Smith Valley my whole life and never driven past the Tioga entrance.  So sue me.  I guess you just take things so close for granted. By the way, this is only my second National Park visit.  The first was Redwood National Forest in northern California.  Now you know.  I know, you’re thrilled. Continue reading

The Further Adventures of the Noobie

Blue Lake

My obligatory shot of the pass up behind Blue Lake.

You might remember that last year I took my friend and former co-worker, John L’Etoile, to the East Walker where he not only fly fished for the first time, but caught his first fish ever!  At the end of that post I had said it was now John’s turn to teach me how to surf.  Well, that didn’t work out.  He injured his shoulder and just wasn’t sure he could deal with the surf board.  So, we went fishing.

This time I introduced him to float tubing.  I’ve found that many people are hooked more by the tubing that the fishing Continue reading

Score One For the Fat Guy

I knew the hike to Gardisky Lake was tough.  I first heard about the lake about 18 years ago.  A friend and I met a guy while fishing the Eastern Sierras and he told us about a good lake to fish called Gardisky.  He then warned us it was a really steep hike.  I have heard the same warning ever since.  The lake was good fishing, the hike short, but tough.  Well, they were right.

False White Mountain

Looking Back towards False White Mountain, 3/4 of the way up the trail to Gardisky Lake.

Henry starts football practice Thursday and we are busy the rest of this week, so Monday was the day.  I considered the June Lake Loop, but then Gardisky caught my eye while leafing through “Eastern Sierra Fishing Guide for Day Hikers”.  I knew it would be tough, but why not? Continue reading

Death of a Fly Rod

Since it had been two weeks since I was last up Highway 88, I figured the snow would have melted and I was right.  I loaded the boys up with our float tubes and fly rods and we headed to Woods Lake on top of Carson Pass.  I’d never fished there, but had heard the fishing for brookies was pretty good.  Just the kind of place to get the boys into some fish, or so my thinking went.

As we climbed 88 we saw a sign warning of a two-hour delay.  Then another as we approached the junction with highway 89.  They advised to tune to AM 1610 for information, but all we got was static.  I decided to see how far we could go and found a short section of one lane road while crews worked on some utility poles.  No delay at all.  Whatever.


Owen following me out into the lake.

We pulled into Woods Lake and found Continue reading

Lamoille Canyon, Elko – September 3, 2010

So, how did I end up at Lamoille Canyon again?  Henry, my oldest son, had a football game in Owyhee, Nevada on Saturday.  Not to many overnight accommodations in Owyhee, so Jen, the wife, and I stayed in Elko on Friday night.  she had never seen Lamoille, so I figured we would go up and check it out.  Of course, I brought my fly rod along.

Jen and I in Lamoille Canyon.

We checked out the canyon and then explored the same ponds we fished on my previous trip Continue reading

Wolf Creek – September 2, 2010

Gee, nice I could show up!  Been a while, a month to be exact.  Been busy with Henry’s football, school shopping, and, if I’m being honest, a little lazy.  Plus after the trip to Elko, I felt a little fished out.  I even planned to make a trip last week, but the wind and rain showed up.  Moved all the dove out of here too.  A couple of weeks ago there were literately hundreds of the little buggers in the field across the street.  As of yesterday, opening day of dove hunting season, maybe 20 remain.  Happens every year around here right before dove season.  I watched two guys hunt and they got exactly two shots.  I didn’t bother.  Anyway…

The big meadow that Wolf Creek flows though.

The wife and I took a little drive over Monitor Pass a few days back and I got the itch to head back to fish.  Always wanted to fish Wolf Creek Continue reading

Lamoille Canyon, Elko – August 2-4, 2010

I had planned on taking my boys on a fishing trip this summer, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out where.  I thought of a dozen different places and went back and forth about whether to camp or get a motel room.  As the time approached, I finally decided on Elko.  It’s in Nevada, the fishing is good, it’s not a place I get to fish often and the motel rooms were cheap.  Camping was out mainly because I wanted a little vacation and it was 97 degrees.

The boys as we begin to explore Lamoille Canyon.

So off we went on Monday the 2nd.  We arrived in Elko around 2:00, ate lunch and then checked in.  The room at the Days Inn wasn’t Caesar’s Palace but the room had three beds, which made my boys happy.  We settled in then headed up to Lamoille Canyon to check it out.  Continue reading

Virginia Lakes – July 15, 2010

I had planned to go fishing this week for quite a while.  Jen and the boys are up at Lake Tahoe at 4H camp and I am playing bachelor.  I figured I would take advantage and go fishing, which I did.  Twice actually.  I originally planned on an all day outing, but it didn’t turn out that way.  I got up early and drove the hour or so up to Virginia Lakes.  There is a lot of good fishing in that chain of lakes.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people too.

First cast!

I arrived at about 7:45 am and after checking out Little Virginia Lake ($5.00 launching fee and I didn’t bother asking if a float tube was a “water craft”) I ended up at Virginia Lake (I don’t think it’s officially called Big Virginia, but who knows – or cares?).  The lake was glass and some fish were rising.  One boat, a couple of tubers and a handful of shore fishermen were all that were there.  I glided out just off shore, cast and BAM!  First cast I had a beautiful brookie of about 11 inches. Continue reading


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