East Walker River Alert!

IMG_4244I’m gonna suggest something here that might not sit well with some people but please consider not fishing the East Walker until the weather cools significantly.  The flows are down to 70 CFS (that’s winter time flows) and the water is both warm and low in oxygen.  That’s bad mojo for trout!  Taking a fly and the resulting fight might just be the death of the fish.  Sierra Drifters aren’t guiding there and I won’t fish the East Walker until probably October.

Plenty of other waters to fish on.  Lots of smaller streams and alpine lakes that aren’t being hit as bad by the drought.  Do the fish a favor and give them a rest.

East Walker River – July 27, 2010

I received a private message from a guy who goes by ‘fly addict’ on the Fly Fishing Addicts forums, which I post on from time to time.  Mark, his real world name, had seen my blog and he a couple of buddies, all from southern California, were planning a week of camping and fishing in the Bridgeport area and wanted to know if I would like to meet up and fish the East Walker one day.  Sounded like fun, so I accepted and we agreed to meet Tuesday morning at the Hays Street Cafe in Bridgeport.

The Miracle Mile.

After meeting Mark, and his buddies, Larry and Tom, and having a hearty breakfast we headed out to the East Walker Continue reading

Bridgeport Area – July 8, 2010

I originally had grand plans of trekking two plus hours north with my sons to Davis Lake for the damsel hatch, but found out one had grown out of his waders.  A trip to Reno to buy new ones made it so I didn’t want to go that way again so soon.  I had heard Virgina Lakes was doing well, and with all the options in that drainage, I decided we would make the hour drive there.  That is until I found out, as I was packing the night before, that I had misplaced my fins.  A thorough search of the garage failed to turn them up.  I can almost see them lying on the shore of some lake looking all sad and forlorn as I drove away without them.

Great view of the Bridgeport area from Buckeye Creek Road

So stream fishing it was.  As I had little time to plan, I figured we would play it by ear and do a little scouting.  I headed south towards Bridgeport.  Continue reading


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