Building the Otter – The Finale

Here is the end of my Building the Otter series.  All the original build pages are contained on a single page now.  Just click here or the tab labeled “The Otter” above.  The newest addition is at the bottom.  Scroll down to read it or read the whole story.

I must admit, I am saddened to finish this.  I poured my heart and soul into that little boat.  I got to enjoy her on the water only twice, but that amounted to merely a tiny fraction of the time I spent building her.  As is so often the case, the journey is at least half the fun.  In this case, the journey is all I have left.  Though I was often discouraged, confused, frustrated and confounded while building her, the memories are precious.

I hope you enjoy the building of the Otter as much as I did, and still do.

Building the Otter – Part XI

I apologize.  I just plain spaced posting new episodes of “Building the Otter”.  Oops.  And this is the perfect time of year to do it too.  Not much else going on.  I promise to finish this out over the next couple of months!

To view this episode click here or click “The Otter” tab above and scroll down

For those looking for more tales of my fishing trips, I am on a really restricted diet and it makes traveling tough.  So far, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds!  You can find more out over on my Being Retired blog.  Good news, it ends next week.  My son has a basketball game at Pyramid Lake High School on February 3rd, so I’m going to fish Pyramid that morning and go watch his game that afternoon.   Look for a report soon after!

Building the Otter – Part 10

OK, time for another episode of everyone’s favorite little boat building story, Building the Otter.  I assure you we are getting down to the end.  Thank God too!  I am as sick of writing these as I was of building the boat itself.  As they say, “You gotta hate it, to finish it.”  Enjoy.

To view this episode click here or click “The Otter” tab above and scroll down

Building the Otter – Part IX

It’s been a really long time!  Been kind of tied up recently, but no more excuses.  I am committing to post Otter updates weekly, or biweekly…bimonthly?  More often, how about that?

To see this episode, click here and scroll down.  Later!

Building the Otter – Part VIII

I know, its been a while.  Sorry, but what do you want for free?  Anyway, this episode moves us yet closer to the finished product  Keep checking back for more!

To see this episode, click here and scroll down.  Later!

Building the Otter – Part VII

Sorry, I missed last week.  Just plain forgot.  Anyway, were about half way to the end.  I am on vaction next week, so check back in two week for a new episode.  In the meantime, enjoy Part VII.

To see this update, click here and scroll down.

I will be thinking of you next week when I am lounging by on the beach in Jamaica…not!  Have a good week!

Building the Otter – Part VI

I am on a roll now.  Posted on schedule for what, like three weeks?  That’s OK when I go to Jamaica in a couple of weeks, I will miss a week.  Yes, I am showing off.

Anyway, to see this weeks update, click here and scroll down.

Building the Otter – Part V

Wow!  Already to part five.  At this rate, I’ll be done posting these in 2037 (not really, but there are quite a few left).

Anyway, click here and scroll down to see Part V.

Building the Otter – Part IV

Missed last Sunday due to the Superbowl.  Only one episode this week.  No make up for last week.  Enjoy!!

Click here and scroll down to view.

Building the Otter – Parts II and III

I forgot (forgot means I was watching football and didn’t feel like it) to post an episode from my wildly popular Building the Otter series.  So this week you get two.  See, I got your back!  Anyway, enjoy!

Click here and scroll down to find Building the Otter – Parts II and III

Warning:  The Superbowl is next week so don’t hold your breath.


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