Housekeeping and an Update on my Back

Sitting at the computer passing time and trying to avoid Superbowl pre-game droning, I decided to finally make this announcement.  From this point forward, all blogging will be done here on Fly Fish Nevada.  If I publish a book, it will be here.  If I feel like musing on retirement, it will be here.  If I want to complain about the government, here it will go – I am retired after all ;)  I’m running out of things to say on my other blogs so in addition to fishing trips posts, of which I hope to have many more of this year, you will get some other stuff from time to time.  It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it. :)

So, on the back, I’ve graduated from the water therapy to land therapy.  The water therapy was pretty easy.  It’s meant for people with injuries or post surgery.  I was neither and so it wasn’t too tough. However, it helped a lot and my back pain is manageable.  Land therapy is harder but that’s good.  I’m riding my bike when the weather permits and walking too.  Between the exercises, my bike and walking, I’ve lost a little weight and my core, whatever that is, is stronger.  Good news all around.  So glad I didn’t have surgery!

Fishing season around these parts starts soon.  Next Saturday, Feb 9, is the opening of Hinkson Slough.  I’ll miss the opener due to the boys last basketball games of the year, but that’s not a bad thing.  The opener is often crowded and cold.  Afterwards, however, it gets less crowded and more comfortable and the fishing is usually better.  Look for reports starting soon along with all kinds of other wisdom  on my part.  And don’t forget to comment.  Comments keep things fresh and give me ideas.  Blogging is not a spectator sport.

Oh yeah, go Niners!!!

Surgery Here I Come!

The good old days will hopefully come again.

I finally saw a surgeon today, well a surgeon’s assistant anyway.  We reviewed my MRI and took some x-rays.  I took a while to get in to see them but it’s a well respected orthopedic practice and I think it was worth it.  Obviously, the cortisone shot didn’t work.  It felt better for a couple of days, but then went back to the same old pain.  Problem is, a herniated disk isn’t my only problem.

The x-rays clearly showed I have one vertebra, L-4 I think, that is slipping off the one underneath it when I bend forward.  It is offset considerable even when I stand.  That explains the popping in my back.  The assistant wasn’t sure what the surgeon would recommend, but felt fusing those vertebra is likely in addition to shaving the herniated disk.  We’ll see when the surgeon takes a look and make a recommendation.

So, what does that mean?  Well what was a fairly straight forward operation with minimal recovery is now a major surgery that will require 6 weeks of recovery and physical therapy.  I want the damn thing fixed, so either way I’m ready to go under the knife.

Mine is blue!

On the upside, I finally sold my Skykomish Sunrise pontoon and picked up Northfork Outdoors Outlaw Escape.  I couldn’t use the pontoon because I don’t have a truck to carry it around in.  I sold that in June.  The Escape deflates and inflates quickly and with out a frame it’s light and easy to store.  Good because with my back, I probably shouldn’t be moving a 60 lbs pontoon around and the Escape will fit in my Jeep.

I’ve been meaning to try it out, but within days of it arriving I got a bad head cold.  Typical plague the kids bring home every september after they are exposed to all manner of exotic illnesses when school start.  I was planning to hit Heenan today, but I forgot my appointment.  I’m planning next week and if the weather goes south, unlikely, I’ll probably hit Virginia Lakes earlier in the week.

So, I have to go under the knife, but I hope this gets me up and fishing again.  Other stuff too.  Hiking, walking, whatever, pain-free.  I’ve almost forgot what that is like.  The East Walker is calling but i just can’t do it.  Next spring, however, I should be good to go.


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