Get Ready: Gun Grab Part II

I’ve gone back and forth about how long to wait to post this after the tragic shootings in Washington D.C. but I think the President answered my question.  His spokesman, Jay Carney, told America, mere hours after twelve men and women lost their lives that, that Obama was going to implement more gun-related executive orders and reiterated the President’s commitment to stricter gun control.  I guess we’re ready to have this discussion.GunsFirst off, I mourn the deaths of these men and women and extend my sympathy to their families, friends and co-workers.  They should not be forgotten or their memory tainted by yet another gun debate that uses them as props.  Sadly, that probably won’t be the case.  Every indication is the shooter, Aaron Alexis, was a disturbed individual with a history of mental illness and gun related criminal behavior but he was never arrested and even managed to pass not only firearm background checks but security background checks too.  Sound familiar? Continue reading

Stand Your Ground

While the Zimmerman murder trial had very little to do with the stand your ground law in Florida, it was about simple self-defense, those laws are now under much scrutiny.  Why is that?  What is so offensive about stand your ground laws?  Well, those opposed would have you believe that these are “shoot first” laws, that allowing a person to stand their ground instead of retreating if possible is reckless.

In some cases it probably is.  No law gives a person the right to kill another under any circumstances.  You must have no other choice, you must be threatened.  Without stand your ground laws and doctrine, you must retreat from danger if at all possible.  Only when literally cornered can you use force to defend yourself.  Free men do not have a duty to retreat from danger.  Common sense should always be exercised when using force but sometimes it is necessary to protect one’s property with force and since the right to own property is so important to liberty, it is justified.  Sometimes the use of force can prevent further loss of life.  Sometimes, it is principal.

No, the real reason people oppose stand your ground laws is more sinister.  When Joe Biden tells you to just stand on your porch with a shotgun and shoot into the air, when a Colorado lawmaker tells a constituent he should just wait for police to arrive and when gun grabbers tell you you don’t have a right to own a gun, what they are really saying is Continue reading

Gun Control or Gun Safety?

Yesterday, April 17th, the U.S. Senate defeated every amendment to the gun control bill under consideration.  One was a pro-gun amendment (nationwide concealed carry recognition) and one would have recognized veteran’s due process rights when having their 2nd Amendment rights considered.  Notably, the Manchin-Toomy background check amendment was defeated and without that, the larger bill is likely dead in it’s current form.  Also defeated were the “assualt weapon” and magazine bans.  As I wrote this, Harry Reid (and I could write a whole post about his treachery) pulled the legislation from the Senate floor.  All in all, it was a good couple of days for liberty.  [By the way, Dean Heller, voted to preserve our rights and deserves your support]

Black Guns

Scary, huh? They are only tools in the hands of law-abiding citizens.  It the criminals and the insane, not the guns, you need worry about.

However, this could drag on as proponents seek to massage the bill with further amendments or work backroom deals with fence-sitting senators.  Reid promised we would revisit this.  The Democrats in the House are looking at pushing their own version of gun control legislation.  Wait, I mean “gun safety” and “gun violence reduction” measures.  Notice the language.  Gun control is a dirty word.  You ask the American public if we need more gun control and they usually say no.  However, if you ask them if we need to reduce gun violence or enhance gun safety, they will say yes.  Wouldn’t you?

I would.  Reducing gun violence and increasing gun safety is a good thing.  The difference between me and those like me and the gun control crowd is we aren’t willing to give up our rights to accomplish these lofty goals. Continue reading

Say No to Universal Background Checks

I don’t support universal background checks.  You shouldn’t either.  There have been ads played locally about the issue.  A supposed hunter and gun owner tells how how much he cherishes his 2nd Amendment rights.  How he is handing down those traditions to his son.  Then he says he wants universal background checks and tells everyone to urge my Senator, Dean Heller, to support them too.  If this wasn’t brought to us by the mayor’s group headed by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, the same mayor that wanted to control his constituent’s soda intake through backdoor regulatory means, I might have listened.  Instead, I sent a message to Senator Heller telling him I don’t support expanded background checks.

You see, universal background checks aren’t going to work.  The present background checks don’t work.  Look, if background checks worked, I’d support them and thousands of people would have been saved because criminals wouldn’t have guns.  But they are nothing more than a feel good measure meant to make politicians look as if they are actually doing something and make voters feel safe.  Look, here’s why:

  1. Criminals don’t submit to background checks.  I’m sure a few idiots do and get caught, and usually they aren’t even prosecuted for breaking the law.  Criminals, and data backs this up, Google it, get their guns from friends and family, on the black market or they steal them.
  2. And speaking of enforcement Continue reading

Gun Control, Outraged Yet?

I’m a proud gun owner and member of the NRA.  I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment and it’s intent to allow citizens to arm themselves against those that would do them harm including a tyrannical government.  A man (or woman) cannot truly be free if he cannot defend his own life, those of his loved ones or protect his property.  People cannot truly enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if their government does not fear them or forgets from where that government derives its power.

So it is with great interest that I watch Congress and several states try to make us all safer by banning high capacity magazines, banning certain weapons and further clamping down on the free exchange of legal goods.  I’m not going to focus on the specific stupidity of these measures.  They are apparent to anyone with the ability to employ reason and logic.  As if fifteen rounds will save lives as compared to twenty.  As if banning weapons because they look like a military weapon instead of function like one accomplishes anything.  As if criminals or the insane give a damn.

No, what I want to focus on is the politician that thinks passing these feel good measures will solve any problems.  I want to focus on whether or not they even care. Continue reading


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