And the she is looking all Jeep-ish amongst the rocks of western Nevada

And there she is looking all Jeep-ish amongst the rocks of western Nevada…actually this is like three miles from my house.

Did you come here to see posts about fishing?  Well, you’re going to be disappointed.  June was a bit hectic.  We took the boys to Disneyland to celebrate Henry’s graduation from high school earlier this month.  Then when we got home I caught a cold, probably from from snot-nosed kid at the parks.  Once I recovered we prepped and planted our veggie garden.  Then, over the past weekend the boys and I installed a lift on the Jeep.  So, I can’t really be accused of being lazy but I haven’t been fishing.

But I wanted to post about the lift and what else I modified during the process.  Since this is my fishing blog, I won’t get too technical.  First off, I installed a Teraflex 2.5 inch spring lift which includes new coil springs that not only lift the Jeep an average of almost three inches (advertised lift height often accounts for common accessories like heavy bumper and winches) but I gained more in the front effectively leveling the Jeep. Continue reading

Aluminum Beer Bottle Alcohol Stove

Real beer so I don't have to drink Bud Light.

Real beer so I don’t have to drink Bud Light.

I’ve identified four potential methods for boiling water out in the middle of nowhere, an essential survival skill to have.  You can purify water by boiling it or heat it for tea, coffee or re-hydrating a freeze dried meal.  All the methods have advantages and disadvantages but each will do the job.  My intention is to try them all and figure out which ones work best for me.  The method(s) I find to be the easiest, most convenient and most effective will be the ones I employ.

But in order to do so, I needed to make an alcohol stove.  You can buy them but they are easy to make and from what I’ve seen lighter as well as they work better too.  There’s all kinds, penny stoves, pressurized side burners, unpressurized top burners, soda cans, beer bottles, you name it.  I started by making a simple soda can stove.  It worked, sort of.  Sliding one aluminum can into another of the same diameter is harder than it might seem, however. Continue reading

Every Day Carry Kit

The Visual Aid

The Visual Aid – Click for a Larger Version

In my quest to be better prepared in case of emergencies as I detailed in an earlier post, I’ve taken things one step at a time.  A real BOB, bug out bag, a GHB, get home bag, or just a survival kit can be pricey and take some time to put together.  I’m doing that right now and should have something serviceable soon, which I will post about.  But in the meantime, I decided to put together an EDC kit, or an every day carry kit.

Now, some people carry a wallet, keys, phone, knife, flashlight, multi-tool, firearm and more in their pockets every day, hence the name every day carry.  I am not that guy.  I carry a wallet, keys and my iPhone and that’s it!  Now many smart phones can double as some of those EDC items.  Mine can be a flashlight, a GPS and in an emergency, I can throw it at a mugger.  ;)  But I don’t like pockets full of stuff so I don’t carry a lot.

Instead, I built a kit with the essentials an a few personal items I’ve found I want to have around.  I pack this all around in a Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer. Continue reading

2013 Top Ten List

Blue Lake

My obligitory shot of the pass up behind Blue Lake.

I used to do this every year and every year I failed to fish all the waters on my Top Ten list.  It’s not really a top ten list but more a the ten places I’d like to fish.  The reasons always vary.  For some I’ve never been but want to go.  Others are old favorites I haven’t visited in a while.  Whatever the reason, I’m compelled to fish these waters and they go on the list.  I haven’t done this in a few years, but I decided to go ahead and make up a list this year.  Motivation to get out there and inspiration when I’m not sure where to go.  Note that many waters I will probably fish anyway, say the East Walker, are not on the list.  Those are givens.  Here it is in alphabetical order:

  • Cooney and Frog Lakes – A short day hike that will test my back.  These are above Virginia and Blue Lakes which I fish often.
  • Crowley Lake – Never really fished this lake but plan to this year.  Probably in the fall when the temps cool down.
  • Dana Fork of the Tuolumne – Just inside the Tioga Pass entrance, my kind of water.  Meadow stream with dumb but pretty fish. Continue reading

2013 Fishing Season has Officially Begun

The Yellow-Headed Blackbird.  World's most annoying bird!

The Yellow-Headed Blackbird. World’s most annoying bird!

Yes, hard to believe, but I finally got my butt out of the house and put it in some water.  Notice the word “fishing” was conspicuously absent from that sentence.  Oh, I whipped some water and drowned some flies but fishing usually involves some participation on the fishes’ part.  That did not occur today in any shape, form or fashion.  But I did get to put the new Dave Scadden Outlaw Escape through it’s paces (except I forgot the oars) and also tested my new vestless fishing rig (is vestless a word?)

Finally, things are back to normal here at the homestead.  I’m done fiddling with my back and though it’s not fixed, it is manageable.  My wife,Jen, is also feeling much better. Continue reading

BOB – Bug Out Bags

Example of a BOB from Discovery News

I’ve been thinking about making a BOB, a bug out bag, and emergency kit, whatever you want to call it.  The most obvious reason to build one is to have all the stuff I might need in an emergency all together, ready to go at a moments notice.  The other is I get to buy a lot of cool stuff ;)  No, really, it’s a good idea to have at least a basic emergency kit and I’ve put it off for too long.  We all think these are for hurricanes, social unrest, zombie attacks and all that, but those things don’t happen all that often.  What these are really good for is a prolonged power outages, getting stuck away from home or out fishing and hunting.

Don’t get me wrong.  Depending where you live, severe natural calamities can be a way of life.  If I lived on the Gulf Coast, in the Midwest or maybe even on the San Andreas fault in California, I’d have a bug out bag and a serious one.  Part of the reason I don’t is not much happens here. Continue reading

Surgery Here I Come!

The good old days will hopefully come again.

I finally saw a surgeon today, well a surgeon’s assistant anyway.  We reviewed my MRI and took some x-rays.  I took a while to get in to see them but it’s a well respected orthopedic practice and I think it was worth it.  Obviously, the cortisone shot didn’t work.  It felt better for a couple of days, but then went back to the same old pain.  Problem is, a herniated disk isn’t my only problem.

The x-rays clearly showed I have one vertebra, L-4 I think, that is slipping off the one underneath it when I bend forward.  It is offset considerable even when I stand.  That explains the popping in my back.  The assistant wasn’t sure what the surgeon would recommend, but felt fusing those vertebra is likely in addition to shaving the herniated disk.  We’ll see when the surgeon takes a look and make a recommendation.

So, what does that mean?  Well what was a fairly straight forward operation with minimal recovery is now a major surgery that will require 6 weeks of recovery and physical therapy.  I want the damn thing fixed, so either way I’m ready to go under the knife.

Mine is blue!

On the upside, I finally sold my Skykomish Sunrise pontoon and picked up Northfork Outdoors Outlaw Escape.  I couldn’t use the pontoon because I don’t have a truck to carry it around in.  I sold that in June.  The Escape deflates and inflates quickly and with out a frame it’s light and easy to store.  Good because with my back, I probably shouldn’t be moving a 60 lbs pontoon around and the Escape will fit in my Jeep.

I’ve been meaning to try it out, but within days of it arriving I got a bad head cold.  Typical plague the kids bring home every september after they are exposed to all manner of exotic illnesses when school start.  I was planning to hit Heenan today, but I forgot my appointment.  I’m planning next week and if the weather goes south, unlikely, I’ll probably hit Virginia Lakes earlier in the week.

So, I have to go under the knife, but I hope this gets me up and fishing again.  Other stuff too.  Hiking, walking, whatever, pain-free.  I’ve almost forgot what that is like.  The East Walker is calling but i just can’t do it.  Next spring, however, I should be good to go.

Soon to Be Trout Bum

I haven’t been posting much, or fishing for that matter. Between getting ready to retire, traveling at work, birthdays and anniversaries, time is scarce. But soon, I will officially be a trout bum. As I have blogged before here, I have a lot of plans. Those plans include a lot of fishing and with all that fishing comes posts.

I am dedicating myself to not only writing about the trips, but taking lots of photos. As this is my main blog (don’t forget to visit Naked Liberty and Being Retired), I will also include some other stuff.  I promise it will all be interesting, if not about fishing, or even the outdoors.  Mostly, however, my posts will be about fly fishing.

Anyway, just wanted to check in and thank everyone for reading.  Be patient.  Soon there will be a lot more content.

Welcome to Fly Fish Nevada!

Welcome to the new home of Fly Fish Nevada.  While the old site is still up at, this site will allow me to just post without all the upkeep.  soon the old site will be taken down and most of the pertinent content move here.  Until then, enjoy both.


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