Back Solutions, I Hope!

If I’m lucky, the stars will align and I’ll be back on the water soon.

I had an MRI done on my back a couple of weeks back and I’ve seen my doctor since.  I have a bulging disc between my L5 and S1 vertebrae.  That bulge is touching the never that runs down my leg causing me considerable pain when I stand or walk for long.  Wonderful!  Now I have a diagnosis.

So, my path has been set.  I will be getting a cortisone shot next week, the 26th of July to be exact.  The doc and I are hoping it causes just enough swelling to go away to allow the pissed off nerve to settle down and the offending disc to retreat ever so slightly.  A single millimeter will do me wonders, according to the doctor.  Otherwise, it’s off to the surgeon I go.

That’s the update.  My big test will begin the 30th, a trip to Monterey with the family.  I have been dreading it, hoping the aquarium has a lot of places to sit.  Maybe, if the shot works, I won’t need to sit.  Anyway, here’s hoping the injection works some magic and I can put this behind me.  Until then, check out some of my previous posts.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope my next post is a good one.

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6 Responses

  1. My friend, I’ve gone through all this. I had a lumbar disectomy done in 2005 and haven’t looked back since. I only deal with a little stiffness but, exercise helps a lot. Walking is the best.

  2. I’d kill to be able to walk more than a mile or so without excruciating pain. Looking forward to getting my life back, surgery or not.

  3. Glad you at least have a diagnosis – here’s hoping the shot works, and either way you get patched up and back on your feet. :)

    • Thanks! It didn’t work and I’ve been referred to a surgeon. I just want it fixed.

    • It didn’t work. :( I have an appointment with a very good surgeon in September. We’ll see where things go from there. Thanks!

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