Back Problems

You may have noticed a pronounced lack of posting.  If you are really observant, you may have noticed a lot of very short fishing days as of late.  A couple of hours here, a couple of hours there.  We’ll, I’ve been suffering from back problems from a couple of years.  Sitting feels great, walking and hiking is good up to a couple of miles.  Standing, maybe half an hour before my back and right leg begin to ache and burn.

I’m pretty sure I have sciatica.  Something is pressing on my sciatic nerve and causing the pain.  It makes fishing, among other things, a chore.  I’ve been putting off seeing a real doctor because…well, because I’m a man.  Anyway, I’m going to a orthopedic surgeon this week to see if I can get it fixed.  After a trip to Disneyland over the holidays and a trip to Jamaica, I’ve finally had enough searing pain.  Hopefully some physical therapy or meds will help, but if surgery is necessary, so be it.

The blog is not dead and neither am I.  Thanks for reading and I hoped to get this fixed before summer.

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  1. I can tell you from personal experience you have a bulging or herniated disk. Your better off with a neurologist who specializes in back surgeries

    • Were going the anti inflammatory and physical therapy route for now. I do have some compressed discs and some arthritis. I hope this works. My untrained eye thought it saw a bulging disk in the x-ray, but what do I know? I trust my orthopedic guy. He’s worked on every member of my family and always done a great job. I will discuss options for surgery, including a specialist, with him when and if necessary. Luckily, I can still float tube. If the weather would cooperate I might even try it.

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